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Brow and lash artist

Brow and lash artist

Brow artist Michelle offers different brow and lash treatments at our salon.

Among her services you can find 3D brow treatment, lash and brow lamination, lash and brow coloring, men’s brow treatment and lash extensions removal procedures.

Brow and lash artist Michelle


Brow treatments

3D brows

Modelling (plucking, waxing) and permanent color.

Brow lamination

Lamination with Inlei Brow Bomber. Treatment includes modelling of the brow shape, lamination and permanent color. Please do not use self-tanning products on your face at least 5 days before the appointment.

Brow coloring with permanent color45min15€
Brow modelling45min15€
Men’s brow treatment

Modelling (plucking, cutting) and shaping the brows.


Lash treatments

Service TimePrice
Lash lamination

Includes curling the lashes with Inlei Italy products and permanent color. Treatment is healing and nurturing for the lashes.

Lash coloring30min10€
Lash extensions removal30min12€

Our salon offers a flexible booking system. In order to better manage our booking system, we have a following policy for cancelling or not appearing: If you cancel your booking less than 24 h before the actual appointment, you’d be required to pay the cancellation fee, which is 50% of the original service fee.