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Even the most complicated hair and scalp problems have solutions. Therefore don’t be afraid to turn to our experts for advice when you have questions and doubts about the condition of your hair and scalp. We analyse the situation thoroughly and suggest suitable products and haircare routines to help you improve the condition of your hair and scalp. Helen Heinroos Hair hairstylists also perform luxurious haircare treatments with Goldwell Kerasilk products that give you the look and feel or healthy hair. This service also includes as wash, a relaxing head massage and blowdrying.

Kerasilk - Reconstruct / Repower / Dual Senses treatment

TeenusJuuksurStilistHelen Heinroos
Short hair*al. 35€al. 35€al. 40€
Mid-lenght*al. 40€al. 40€al. 45€
Long hair*al. 45€al. 45€al. 50€
Extra long*al. 50€al. 50€al. 55€
KS Revitalize scalp-care treatment*45€45€45€
KS Revitalize scalp-care treatment with  combined other KS treatment*25€25€25€
Dual Senses  Color Leave-In Serum  (recommended after color service)10€10€10€

Keratin treatment 3-5 Months

TeenusrJuuksurStilistHelen Heinroos
Long hair200€220€220€
Extra long220€240€240€

Complymentary Kerasilk Control shampoo and conditioner.

Keratin De-Frizz treatment

TeenusJuuksurStilistHelen Heinroos
Long hair70€70€80€
Extra long80€80€90€


TeenusJuuksurStilistHelen Heinroos
Consultation 30min15€15€20€

* The final price will be determined during the consultation in the salon.

Our salon offers a flexible booking system. In order to better manage our booking system, we have a following policy for cancelling or not appearing: If you cancel your booking less than 24 h before the actual appointment, you’d be required to pay the cancellation fee, which is 50% of the original service fee.