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Bleaching is the removal on hair pigment. The nature of this process depends on the desired tone, your hairtype and the procedures you have experienced before. In order to achieve cold gray tones the yellow pigment must be completely removed because the lighter the base, the prettier gray, pastel and cold blondes become.


We use Silklift bleaching powder which is the most effective bleaching system, while also being delicate and giving the hair extra support and care. The ingredients are enriched with IntraLipid™ components that restore lipids that have been lost. We also use BondPro while performing very extensive transformations. BondPro consists of two parts: the first is mixed with bleach and the second is used as a hair mask. The goal is to achieve beautiful color while having the feel and look of healthy hair.

The timeframe depends on what has been done to your hair before and how cold is the desired tone. Average time amount is 4 hours – adding the bleach takes up to 2 hours with exposure time of at least 45 minutes, then washing, drying and cutting if desired. Large-scale alterations take up to 7-10 hours. It must be taken into account that in order to minimize the hair damage there may be several sessions needed, enabling your hair to recover in between. Therefore we recommend you take time, be patient and trust your hairstylist.

Domestic hair care is key to keeping your bleached hair healthy and good-looking, therefore you need to stock up on gentle and moisturizing hair products. Bleached hair always needs thermal protection that you need to apply while using heat to blowdry, curl or straighten. We also strongly recommend our Kerasilk Reconstruct hair therapy and the regular use of moisturizing masks.

The lighter and more pastel the hair, the faster it fades because these colors consist of very little pigment and the “empty” bleached hair cannot hold on to it which causes the color to wash off quickly. Therefore we suggest you reschedule your next visit already while leaving the salon. The average revisitation interval should be 4-6 weeks with outgrowth of 2 cm (with more than 2 cm it becomes problematic to maintain an even tone).

Highlighting is the best option to achieve a lighter look without visiting the salon every 4-6 weeks. We recommend abundant narrow streaks to keep the overall look significantly more blonde while keeping the outgrowth as subtle as possible. In order to sustain a well-groomed look the procedure needs to be repeated every 3-4 months with an outgrowth of up 3 cm.

Toning is altering haircolor with semi-permanent colors. It is a simple and convenient way to give bleached or highlighted hair maximum shine and character. Toning can be done at all times and its permanence depends on how dark is the preferred shade – the more pastel, the faster it fades. The durability of color also depends on the condition and structure of hair and the maintenance it receives at home on a daily basis. We recommend refreshing procedures after every 20 washes. Goldwell offers two kinds of toners – the 5-minute-toner and the 30-minute-toner. We use Goldwell Colorance and Elumen and extra oomph is accomplished with Pure Pigments that add interesting nuances. The price of toning is added to the average color and cutting cost. If you wish to tone you hair without the aforementioned services the price will be based on the toning process itself.

For extra bright results we use a revolutionary product called Pure Pigments which creates a 3D image shifting in different lights. This patented product forms an everchanging spectre of color and results in hair that is 63% more shiny, up to 3 times more intense and 2 times more resistant to fading.

Our hair stylists possess many trendy coloring techinques like balayage, ombre, dipdye, sombre, sunkissed, babylights and airtouch. We also perform color corrections. However, large scale transformations require extensive consultation and therefore we ask customers to send beforehand a picture of their hair and also of the desired result. Final price is revealed during consultation, after adding the estimated material cost.

Different procedures have different requirements. For example:

1) If you are coming in for coloring we recommend having unwashed hair because the natural protection layer of your own skin reduces the feeling of discomfort that may occur during the procedure. Hair should be washed on the previous day without using your usual hair products such as hair spray, mousse, paste, oil serums etc.

2) If you desire to get a fringe, you must take into account that salon washing and drying is required. If you want to trim an already existing fringe, come with clean hair but don’t apply any hair products.

Different hairstylists have different skill sets and experience, that’s why their prices vary. This is why you should always consult the receptionist in order to understand the prices and adjust you personal budget to it. Price categories are: hairstylist, senior hairstylist and Helen Heinroos. HHH team has a habit of overseeing each other’s work and help each other out when necessary. Helen Heinroos is also present for most times and is always eager to step in. Prices are found HERE.

Yes, of course. In order to find out about our discount campaigns we suggest you follow HHH social media platforms where we publish many interesting offers. We always keep in mind the important holidays such as mother’s day, women’s day, HHH birthday etc. It is also an excellent idea to register your birthday because HHH offers -10% discount on all services and -20% discount on products a week before and after your birthday.

There are several ways to make an appointment:

1) Using our online system https://online.saloninfra.ee/helenheinrooshair

2) Calling the salon +372 5656 4488

3) Writing an e-mail to helenheinrooshair@gmail.com

4) Contacting our Facebook account Helen Heinroos Hair

Although we do everything in our power to be as responsive as possible we do hope that clients are understanding when we do not answer right away. The most certain means to contact us is to write or call during open hours (Monday to Friday 10.00-20.00). We also ask you to keep in mind that if you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment, 50% of the estimated cost will be charged.

Every client has the right to get what he/she wants but extremely hair damaging procedures require a signed consent where the client states that he/she is aware of the dangers and possible concequences and will not file any complaints. This should also be kept in mind that we offer coloring services to clients older than 16. Younger customers must present their parents’ approval.

If you have never altered your haircolor before then an allergy test is recommended – a small amount of product will be applied to an area of skin behind your ear and then during 48 hours it will be monitored for an allergic reaction.

Of course. Our hairstylists love little clients. But you do have to keep in mind the wellbeing of other clients if you come in for a procedure yourself and want to bring your children along. Even though the beauty world is very exciting for adults, even the most wellbehaved kids get easily bored and then no-one is safe from all the “excitement”. In addition manu beauty products are hazardous and need to be kept away from children. In other words, leave your bundles of joy with a nanny and treat yourself to some relaxation.