Every visit starts with a consultation in order to find the appropriate style for you, taking into account your personal style, the condition of your hair and scalp as well as your everyday haircare routines. This allows us to find the best cut for you which follows the shape of your face and head, also your personal style and popular trends. We constantly improve both our technical skills and knowledge of trends. This service includes a wash, a relaxing head massage, cutting and blowdrying. Estimated time expenditure is 1 hour. For women we recommend adding the Kerasilk hair treatment and for men the Reshade 5-minute toning.


Coloring hair is a form of art and our hairstylists improve their skills and knowledge on a daily basis when it comes to new trends and techniques – that means HHH staff consists of highly qualified color technicians. We take time to analyse your personal color preference and advise which tone best complements your personal style and skin tone. The consultation also helps to figure out how to achieve the desired look, how long will it take and how to take care of your hair afterwards. We use professional Goldwell products. The service includes a wash, a relaxing head massage and blowdrying.

NB! If you have made a coloring appointment, we kindly ask you to not wash your hair 24 hours before the procedure.


Even the most complicated hair and scalp problems have solutions. Therefore don’t be afraid to turn to our experts for advice when you have questions and doubts about the condition of your hair and scalp. We analyse the situation thoroughly and suggest suitable products and haircare routines to help you improve the condition of your hair and scalp. Helen Heinroos Hair hairstylists also perform luxurious haircare treatments with Goldwell Kerasilk products that give you the look and feel or healthy hair. This service also includes as wash, a relaxing head massage and blowdrying.